Several factors go into organizing a successful school fundraiser, such as booking a snow cone machine, scheduling volunteers, and securing donations. However, the variety of options that are available may make it difficult to determine the best approach. Simplify the process by taking a closer look at the following and figuring out which aspects will best serve your purpose.

How to Have a Prosperous Fundraiser Event

1. Start Early

Getting a head start on the planning process will ensure that everything is in place for the day you hold the event. For instance, if you want to host a fundraiser in the spring, then winter is the time to put ideas into motion. The buffer that this creates will allow for any last-minute changes and keep stress levels to a minimum. 

2. Set Goals

Whether it’s to upgrade the building or purchase new classroom equipment, knowing where the funds are going will motivate your volunteers to complete their tasks. Plus, it creates an incentive that the community can visualize and might increase your donations. For example, if your fundraiser openly states that the funds will be going toward acquiring new and updated math books for the students, many volunteers and community members may be motivated to rally behind the cause.

3. Include Refreshments

snow cone machine

Depending on the length of the event, you might want to provide food for your guests. For fundraisers that last throughout the afternoon, a snow cone machine will supply the perfect refreshment, complete with a variety of flavors that are hard to resist. 

For lunchtime events, ordering trays of subs, chips, and soft drinks will ensure that no one goes hungry. Ask the food companies you're working with if they would be willing to donate a portion of their proceeds to give your fundraiser a boost.

4. Encourage Engagement

Including an activity that encourages participation is the key to a successful fundraiser, giving attendees something to look forward to and increasing donations. Silent auctions and raffles are popular options, offering a variety of items that attendees can win while engaging in friendly competition. Connect and talk with local businesses about contributing their services or products as part of the prizes.


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