As a parent looking forward to your child's next birthday, you might want to plan a memorable party. When circumstances permit a larger group of family and friends, hosting a gathering that includes shave ice can make the party special. Once you set the date, a theme, and decide on your budget, these tips may help you create an event that everyone will enjoy.  

3 Steps to Make Your Kid's Birthday Party a Hit 

1. Send Timely Invitations 

Making a guest list and sending invitations with details such as letting parents know whether they can drop children off or stay avoids confusion. Give parents a deadline date to respond whether they are accepting the invitation and staying with their children at the gathering. Sending invitations two to three weeks in advance allows them enough time to plan their schedules but not so much time that they forget the date. 

2. Plan Plenty of Activities

shave ice

Your party should include plenty of activities so that the children stay busy. Provide variety by mixing games that fit your theme with traditional games like musical chairs or red light, green light. Entertainment, such as a magician, musician, or puppet show, adds to the fun.

3. Serve Classic Foods

Kids love simple finger foods at parties, such as chicken fingers, pizza, sliders, themed cupcakes, or a decorative cake. Serving shave ice also gives your guests a special treat. A shave ice machine yields a light, fluffy, soft ice dessert. The syrups offer bright colors and delicious flavors, like lemon and cherry, that make shave ice a delicious and memorable dessert choice for your child's party.


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