On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a shave ice to help you and your kids cool down. Whether you’re opening a shave ice truck or thinking of buying a snow cone maker for your home, choosing the right machine is essential for getting the best summer treats possible. Below is more information about the two most popular types of devices to help you decide.

Should You Get a Cube or Block Shave Ice Machine?

Cube Shave Ice Machines

Like the snow cone machine, these ice machines use ice cubes, however, shave ice machines will produce a very light, fluffy ice, with consistent results. They’re also easy to use and simple to maintain, which makes them a popular choice if you want to enjoy summer shave ice parties.

Block Shave Ice Machines

shave iceWhile they operate on the same principle as their cube-consuming counterparts, block machines make snow out of large slabs of ice. Unlike ice cubes, block ice is usually only available from wholesalers, which can make the raw materials challenging to find. They also require more technique to use effectively, so you must practice before you’re churning out consistent snow cones.

However, these machines also produce the lightest, fluffiest snow possible, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone selling shave ice. For business owners, the ideal consistency from a block ice machine makes the additional investment worthwhile.


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