When it comes to making shave ice, tasty flavors are just as important as the distinctive soft and fluffy texture. When selecting flavor options, many shave ice sellers will note that there is a wide variety of “concentrates” on the market. Here’s a closer look at just what concentrate is.

What Is Concentrate?

Concentrate is actually a naturally derived product. While there are several types of concentrate, the initial process for creating it is the same.

After a whole fruit is washed, it is crushed or blended into a pulp. The water content is then extracted from the fruit—and since most fruit is mostly composed of water, this leaves a much smaller amount behind. Interestingly, this process also helps prevent bacterial growth and spoilage.

While some concentrates are only made of fruit, many concentrates have added color, sweeteners, or flavoring since some of the flavor and aroma of the fruit become diluted when it is made into a concentrate. Some additives are used to increase its shelf life.

Why Is it Used for Shave Ice?

shave iceConcentrate is a popular choice for shave ice syrup because the use of natural fruit makes it a somewhat healthier option. The nutrients from the fruit are still present in a concentrate. At the same time, the process of creating the concentrate means that there is a much longer shelf life for each package. The highly concentrated flavoring also means that less liquid needs to be used when preparing shave ice, which helps preserve the fresh, icy texture.


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