If you’re a seafood lover, oysters may be among your favorite foods to enjoy while dining out. Yet, even among the most avid oyster connoisseurs, few people know about the differences between oysters. Whether you’re a longtime fan of these mollusks or you’ve just recently developed a liking for them, discover the most popular types and their differences below.

5 Well-Known Oyster Types

1. Kumamoto Oysters

A beginner-friendly variety for anyone new to seafood, these oysters are buttery, sweet, and firm. Referred to scientifically as crassostrea sikamea, they’re found on the West Coast and have smaller meats that are easy to extract from their shells.

2. Atlantic Oysters

The most common oyster species in North America, the crassostrea virginicas can be found along the East Coast of the U.S. as well as the Gulf of Mexico. These large, briny mollusks tend to increase in size the further down south they’re found.

3. Pacific or Japanese Oysters

seafood-St-Petersburg-FLFound along the West Coast in areas such as Tomales Bay, CA, and British Columbia, these oysters are meaty, creamy, and small. Known officially as crassostrea gigas, you may find these oysters listed on menus at seafood restaurants as Kusshi or Marin Miyagi.

4. Olympia Oysters

The ostrea lurida or Olympia oyster can be found on the West Coast of the U.S. Yet, they’re appearing less frequently due to factors such as the proliferation of predatory species and increased acidity in the ocean. If you ever do find these oysters, you can tell them apart based on their tiny size, celery-like finish, and sweet taste.

5. European Flats

Found on both coasts of the U.S., European flats go by many names, including Maine Belons and Westcott Bay Flats. Scientifically, they’re referred to as ostrea edulis. Known for their rich, flavorful taste and meaty substance, this species gets its name from its native continent, Europe.


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