You likely know popcorn as a popular movie snack or a fun treat to enjoy with friends on the weekends. However, it actually has a long and storied history that many fans may not be familiar with. As one of the oldest snacks on record, the history of popcorn is not only interesting but could also make people a bit more appreciative of this common food. Here are some of the most interesting facts to note.

Ancient Roots

Popcorn has been around for thousands of years. In fact, explorers have found evidence of popcorn being eaten and used for decoration as far back as 4600 B.C. The corn stalks that produce popcorn are native to the Americas, so much of the early history lies with Native Americans and Aztec cultures. Historians have found that popcorn was eaten as a snack but also used in traditional headdresses and to decorate homes.

Evolving History

popcornWhen European settlers came to America, they adopted the custom of eating popcorn. However, they also used additives like molasses to dress it up, creating early versions of kettle corn and the gourmet popcorn varieties that consumers love today. Popcorn has always been an affordable snack that was easy to sell and transport, making it perfect for early carnivals, fairs, and theaters. Shortly after microwaves became widely available, grocery stores began selling microwave popcorn, which made the snack food even more accessible.

However, some consumers prefer a more sophisticated version of the common snack food. Harking back to the early American settlers, gourmet popcorn vendors filled that need using caramel, cheddar cheese, and other unique flavor combinations. It is now common for people to purchase these gourmet varieties in tins or even send them as gifts.


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