Family life can get busy, making it hard to slow down and savor individual moments. While you doubtlessly have hundreds of candid shots of your partner or kids saved on your smartphone, there is something special about having everyone's pictures taken in a photography studio. Here are some of the reasons you'll be grateful you did. 

Why You Should Get a Family Portrait 

1. Celebrate Life Events & Milestones

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, pregnancies and births, and graduations are all causes for celebration. These are moments people want to remember for the rest of their lives. This makes it a perfect time to capture not only the loved one having the milestone but the rest of the family, supporting them too.

2. Get the Family Together

While families can keep in touch more easily than ever thanks to the internet, it can never replace spending time together in person. Scheduling a family portrait to include your entire family is a great excuse to get everyone together for a reunion. It can bring a smile to so many faces to see grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even pets in one big shot. You can also take pictures featuring different combinations of people. This might even jumpstart an annual family tradition.

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3. Kids Grow Fast

Kids seem to grow faster every year, especially when they are young. You blink, and they are suddenly sporting a toothless grin. The next minute, they're taller and have lost much of their baby face. Going to a photography studio every year documents this growth process. These images will also be great to look back on when they get older and have kids and families of their own.

4. Create Memories

Pictures help pass on a sense of identity. At family gatherings, relatives often retell stories from when they were young. Their grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be thrilled to have pictures of everyone from the time period of the story to help visualize them.


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