When taking photographs, a photographer has many ways of achieving effective lighting. However, one of the best ways to light a photo's subject is often the natural way. Natural light provides warmer tones and crisper shots than many artificial lighting effects can produce. 

4 Reasons to Use Natural Lighting

1. Produces Fluctuation

While artificial light can produce one type of lighting consistently, it takes manipulation to create fluctuations in that lighting. When you use natural lighting, you can harness light at different times to create other effects. The glow of a sunset may be perfect for capturing a couple during engagement photos, while the bright light of the afternoon may be ideal for photographing bouquets.


2. Provides Romantic Quality

When light pours through a window or door, it can give a space the feeling of airiness in photographs. If your goal, as a photographer, is to create a sense of openness or provide a romantic air to a wedding shoot, then natural light quickly provides this.

3. Adds to Subject's Natural Beauty

Taking portrait photos when natural light illuminates your subject can give them a glowing look. When light is reflected in someone's eyes, it gives them sparkle on camera and can make a subject look more open and focused. To avoid having direct sunlight behind your subject, though, as that can give a shadowing effect.

4. Offers an Affordable Solution to Lighting

Artificial lighting tools can sometimes run to hundreds of dollars in cost. Natural light, however, is entirely free. While you may consider some tools to help focus or adjust to the lighting more, such as a polarized lens cover for your camera, these are often unnecessary to still get beautiful photographs.


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