Perhaps you and your partner are the parents of young children or tweens, or have older children who are in college or about to graduate. A family portrait at the local photography studio provides a beautiful way to celebrate your loved ones, regardless of everyone’s age. To help ensure a streamlined photo shoot, review the following tips. 

How to Have a Fantastic Family Photo Shoot

1. Make Certain Everyone is Fed & Rested

Family members who are tired and hungry are typically not at their best, especially young children who can get fussy. Providing a healthy meal about two hours before the shoot sidesteps satiety issues and allows the food to digest, which avoids indigestion-related problems. Scheduling the shoot on a day when everyone is well-rested, such as a week or more after your college-age kids’ final exams, is also important because it prevents tired facial expressions. 

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2. Coordinate Your Outfits

Some family members wear head-to-toe matching outfits, while others coordinate their ensembles to include colors within the same spectrum. Coordinating outfits is generally considered the more unique, classic choice. For example, you could pick two colors and have everyone wear outfits featuring one or both hues. The result is diverse yet interconnected. 

3. Avoid a “Straight Line of Heads”

A straight row or line of heads is considered mundane in the world of photography. The more interesting approach is to stagger everyone’s heads, such as having some family members sit on stools in the photography studio and others standing or sitting on the floor. It also helps to bend rather than standing up straight to avoid rigid results. Bending the arms and legs, sticking a foot out, putting one or both hands in pants pockets, and leaning forward are among the ways to eliminate stiffness-related photo issues. 

4. Mix Formal & Casual Shots 

Formal family portraits look fantastic in formal spaces, such as the living room or dining room. Casual shots are ideal for the home entertainment center, assorted bedrooms, and hallways. Mixing both types of shots into your shoot provides a greater range of photos to select from. Many people love casual images where some or none of the family members look at the camera, because facial expressions are typically more relaxed and genuine. 

For a fun family photo shoot in a photography studio with plenty of natural light, book studio ONE in Centennial, CO. Whether you want to work with photographer and studio owner Christina Poppleton or simply need to rent the space, you’ll enjoy a rewarding experience you’ll always remember. Call (720) 480-6783 today to make an appointment or visit the photography studio online for service details. View pictures from the latest photo shoots on Facebook.