After being injured in a car accident, it may take time to recover physically and mentally before you decide to drive again. If someone else's negligence caused the accident, you may be entitled to damages under Alaska's personal injury law, which will help pay for your recovery. As you are healing, here are ways to mentally prepare to drive on the road again.

3 Ways to Get Ready for Driving Again After a Car Accident 

1. Ride as a Passenger 


One way of easing into driving a vehicle again is riding in the car as a passenger. Not having a driver's responsibility allows you to relax and become accustomed to riding in a car again. To help you feel more comfortable, ask someone you trust to drive you to appointments, social events, or familiar places in the community. 

2. Talk it Out

If you have anxiety about driving again, express how you feel to someone, such as a close family member or friend. Tell your doctor your concerns and ask about counseling. Accident-related expenses, including mental health support, may be covered under your auto insurance policy or by the responsible party under personal injury law. 

To alleviate any remaining anxiety, it could be helpful to change certain driving habits before you begin to drive in order to build your confidence. Consider how to implement those changes before you find yourself in the driver's seat once again. For example, for the first few weeks or months after your accident, it might be helpful to avoid major highways or to allow fewer passengers in your vehicle for a period of time until you feel more confident.

3. Start Out Driving Close to Home 

When you feel ready to get behind the wheel again, begin with short drives in the neighborhood. A trip to the mall or grocery store can be a relaxing first outing. Make sure you are well-rested and alert, and avoid activities in the car that might distract you from staying focused on driving. 


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