Bringing your RV to a storage facility for the winter months will ensure it’s secure and in good condition. Before you drop it off, though, you’ll need to do some prep work to get it ready to sit for a few months. The following steps will prevent issues when it’s time to hit the road again next year.

What to Do Before Storing Your RV

1. Turn Off the Power

When you pick up your RV from the storage facility in the spring, you want to be able to drive it off the lot, so it’s important to ensure the battery doesn’t die.

Turn off all electricity in your RV using the battery disconnect switch. This should be located close to the battery. You should also make sure the battery’s fully charged before you store it since it may freeze if weak.

2. Empty the Cupboards

Don’t leave any food, toiletries, or liquids in your RV over the winter. This is important because anything that smells like a food source can attract pests. To keep rodents at bay, remove any nesting materials like paper towels.

In addition, liquids can explode during the cold weather, and food can rot. Getting rid of them prevents a mess you’ll have waiting for you when the weather gets warm.

3. Clean Thoroughly

storage facilityIt’s important to clean your RV inside and out before you take it to the storage facility. Wash and wax the exterior, paying special attention to the roof. Wax prevents dirt buildup, which will make the vehicle easier to wash when you pick it up.

Cleaning the inside of the vehicle is important, too. Scrub out the fridge to get rid of any residue that could facilitate mold growth. Prop open the refrigerator and freezer doors to promote ventilation. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of crumbs, as these can attract pests.

4. Check the Seals

Take a moment to check all the rubber seals, caulking, and silicone seams on the doors and windows. If they look worn or cracked, repair them before storing the vehicle. If your RV isn’t properly protected from the elements, it can lead to water or pest damage.


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