Floral arrangements featuring fresh blooms and greenery can add color, beauty, and fragrance to your home. Whether you buy them for yourself or receive them as a gift, you might wonder how to make bouquets last as long as possible. Here's what you can do to keep fresh flowers alive and gorgeous for longer.

Add & Replace Water

Cut flowers can absorb water quickly, so add a bit more each day to ensure they remain hydrated. Keep the water level within about two inches of the top of the vase at all times. You can add fresh water by putting the lip of the vase under a sink tap or using a watering can with a narrow nozzle. 

When the water takes on a milky or cloudy appearance, carefully remove the arrangement and pour out the dirty liquid in a sink before adding fresh water. This can prevent any pathogenic bacteria or fungi from infecting the floral arrangement and accelerating its death. As an extra precaution, clean out the vase with soapy water and rinse thoroughly before refilling it to ensure you completely eliminate any harmful microbes. 

Keep Away From Heat 

floral arrangements

Heat can cause fresh flowers and greenery to wilt or dry out, which may prematurely diminish the appearance and health of your floral arrangement. Keep bouquets away from heat sources in your home, such as ranges, ovens, and clothes dryers. Additionally, avoid placing them on windowsills or tables near sunny windows, as excess warmth from sunlight may damage the blooms, stems, and leaves. Since most cut foliage lasts longer when exposed to lower temperatures, display your bouquet in a cooler area of your residence, such as in a well-ventilated room or near an A/C unit. 

Remove Dead Segments

If leaves and blooms die yet remain attached, they may leach nutrients from healthy parts of the plant, leading to a more rapid decline of healthy greenery. As soon as you notice dead sections, use clippers to trim and remove them. This allows the healthy portions to access more of the flower's essential nutrients and stay alive longer. You should also pull any completely dead stems out of the bouquet to keep them from decaying and releasing contaminants into the water that might harm the health of the other blossoms.


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