Keep your children learning while they’re home from preschool over the summer. This ensures they’ll continue developing their language skills and stay intellectually stimulated. Here are some options for teaching your kids this summer without them even knowing they’re learning.

How to Keep Preschoolers Engaged During the Summer

1. Get Them Outside

Help your children learn to have fun outdoors, so they don’t spend their days watching TV or playing video games. Going outside may boost your kids’ memories and concentration while also teaching them more about the world around them. Ask them to help you add flowers to the garden, and use the time to educate them about how plants grow. You can take the same approach to make lessons out of anything, from watching the clouds in the sky to observing birds in the yard.

2. Let Them Play Pretend

preschoolClean your closet and place your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories in a large, plastic bin. Let your children use these garments to dress up as different characters and act out imaginary scenarios. Playing pretend helps kids expand their vocabulary as they pretend to be someone else.

3. Read as Much as Possible

Encourage your children to read, as it supports cognitive development, improves language skills, and increases creativity. Set aside thirty to sixty minutes to read with your preschooler, or add storytime to their nightly routine. Reading with your kids every day will also help you bond, and you can take turns reading to each other.

4. Encourage Drawing

Order art supplies online, and get your kids’ input on what they want to draw with. Once the items arrive, encourage them to draw as often as possible. This can include faraway places, family members, or imaginary scenes. Drawing frequently will help your preschooler hone their fine motor skills, which they need to write and form shapes.


Once the summer is over, continue your kids’ learning by enrolling them at Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center in Aiea, HI. These educators help preschoolers become well-rounded students by following a diverse curriculum that includes art, writing, and math lessons. Get more information about their preschool programs online, or call (808) 488-2211 to inquire about admission.