Unified communications as a service, or UCaaS, integrates all of your company’s telecommunication resources through a cloud-based platform. This gives you a centralized place for multiple programs, eliminates the need for onsite IT support, and reduces downtime. This type of system can either be unique to your company or shared among multiple businesses. To help you weigh in your options, here is a quick look at the benefits that each structure offers. 

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Tenancy UCaaS?


With a multi-tenancy UCaaS program, your business shares a platform with other companies. This works much like a commercial building that houses multiple businesses. Since this allows you to share resources, this option comes at a lower investment. 


Making updates and installing security patches can be time-consuming. Multi-tenancy architectures are remotely managed by your telecommunications provider, who will create and dispatch updates as needed.

Resource Usage

With this option, resources never go underutilized. A multi-tenancy UCaaS system is designed to support the ongoing needs of multiple users. Since user activity is constant, all programs are more likely to be engaged, resulting in more data your provider can use to improve user experience.

What Are the Advantages of Single-Tenancy UCaaS?


UCaaSA single-tenancy UCaaS system belongs only to your company. As a result, it’s solely designed to support your business communications and specific needs. As your team grows and changes, your provider will make adjustments to optimize your platform according to your requests.


Since a single-tenancy environment is unique to your company, only your business will have access to the underlying infrastructure. With less activity being pushed through the program, your network is safeguarded against cybersecurity threats.


Backing up resources with a single-tenancy UCaaS is an efficient process that keeps your data up-to-date and secure in a centralized cloud platform. If your network or data ever becomes compromised, you can pull up these backups quickly for a stress-free system restoration.


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