Recent events may have changed the way your business operates, with people working from home rather than in an office. As an owner or manager, you now have to make sure your staff has the tools and support they need to maintain productivity during this extended work-from-home period. Partnering with your telecommunications company will ensure everyone has the necessary resources to continue serving customers and staying in touch with each other.

How Can Managers Support Their Staff While Working Remotely?

1. Provide the Necessary Hardware

Not all companies had remote options before the pandemic. Scrambling to set employees up may have left deficiencies in the way everyone is working. You may not be able to communicate as easily with your staff as you had before. Make sure they have hardware like computers and phones to make communication easier.  

If your company wasn’t set up for cloud phone systems or video conferencing, reach out to a telecommunications company to provide your employees with secure technology that will meet their needs.

2. Increase Communications

Telecommunications companyWhile working remotely benefits those with long commutes, it also increases a sense of isolation. Offices not only provide an easy way of communicating with your employees but also a social outlet for them. 

Schedule weekly or even daily meetings, whether they’re one-on-one or as a group. Video conferencing programs provided by telecommunication companies are particularly useful. They allow for a more personal touch and foster a sense of community that employees enjoyed in the office. These meetings also make communicating complex topics simpler than writing them out as a long email or text message.  

3. Create a Plan

Develop a system that allows for easy communication. Let your employees know the best time and method of reaching you during the workday. 

Use video conferences for meetings and one-on-one sessions, but use text messages or instant messaging programs for quick communications or when a matter needs urgent attention. By setting up these parameters early, employees will have a sense of structure and stability and help ensure their productivity doesn’t falter. 

4. Be Flexible

Allow your employees to experiment with their new working environment. It may take a little time for them to find out what works best for their concentration. While some prefer an isolated, quiet home office, others might take comfort in being surrounded by their families without sacrificing their quality of work. Give your employees the opportunity to try different strategies as they adapt to the new normal. 


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