As countless industries adapt to the growing need to work remotely due to health concerns, businesses everywhere have had to explore many alternatives to in-person meetings. Many companies have adopted the use of video conferencing, which uses business internet services to connect team members in different areas. If you’re curious about this solution, here are a few ways your workforce could benefit from virtual meetings with video.

What Video Conferencing Does for Businesses

1. Saves Time & Money  

Prior to the “new normal,” organizing in-person meetings took time, and for many businesses, that extra time had an impact on productivity. Video conferencing, however, can be set up in just a few clicks, making it easy for people to join from any location while working remotely.

Even though business travel is currently restricted, adopting video will ultimately reduce or eliminate future transportation costs of bringing clients and team members together in the office.  

2. Grabs Attention

Video services make it easier for professionals to deliver clear messages. People are less likely to go off into tangents, and the time ticker on the screen reminds everyone to keep discussions concise.

This direct approach allows participants to stay on task and gives each leader a dedicated space where they can talk with all eyes on them.  

3. Improves Attendance

business internet servicesWhen employees use video, they can join from any location that has internet service. As a result, these meetings often boast increased attendance rates that allow teams to stay on the same page.  

4. Increases Accessibility to Talent

Whether you’re looking for industry specialists or freelancers, your preferred candidate for an open position may be based in another city. Video chatting removes the barrier of distance so you can bring on all types of qualified professionals no matter their location. All candidates need are connections to internet services.

5. Record Discussions

Many video conferencing platforms offer optional recording services. Having the ability to capture video, audio, and text allows you to create references for future review. You can use recorded information to take notes on previous meetings or train new staff members.


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