Today, technology helps companies monitor risks, address threats, and direct disaster recovery efforts. With many businesses reopening throughout the country following closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, safety becomes a priority. This is why many restaurants and shops are using thermal imaging surveillance to curb infection risks. The guide below covers how you can use this type of technology as a disaster recovery solution.

How Thermal Imaging Protects Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Measuring the temperature of employees and customers is essential for businesses that open during the COVID-19 pandemic, as fevers are common warning signs of potential infection. While employees can track visitor temperatures with thermometers, these devices require close contact that doesn’t follow social distancing guidelines.

disaster recoveryFor added safety, use thermal imaging features on stationary or handheld cameras. These tools allow your employees to quickly check customers’ temperatures from a distance. This way, you protect your other customers and staff from potential infection and let the individual know to get tested for COVID-19, speeding up disaster recovery.

Other Benefits of Thermal Imaging for Businesses

High-definition surveillance cameras can’t always record incidents accurately. For example, activities that occur at night or are covered by foliage may escape their view. Since thermal imaging cameras are designed to outline body heat, they are more likely to make activity visible in low-visibility conditions.

In addition to body temperatures, thermal cameras record heat output from equipment, including appliances and servers. With this added feature, your surveillance staff can spot overheating early so you can secure timely repairs. 

Thermal imaging can also capture areas of heat loss, such as drafty windows and doors. Insulating spots with excessively warm or cold temperatures help you maintain a balanced indoor climate, promoting customer comfort and reducing utility costs.


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