As temperatures drop during the winter, your furnace will get more use. If you wish to avoid heating system repairs or potential safety hazards, you should follow a few basic guidelines. With proper upkeep, your furnace will operate safely and efficiently all winter.

3 Safety Tips For Using Your Furnace This Winter

1. Keep It Clean

One of the best ways to avoid heating system repairs is to keep the furnace clean. This starts by vacuuming or dusting the area around the furnace to prevent excessive dust buildup. Too much dust can be a fire hazard. Regular dusting also gives you the chance to check if the furnace’s flame is blue, which is the proper color. You should also replace dirty air filters at least every three months to improve performance.

2. Schedule an Annual Inspection

heating system repairBefore winter arrives, you should have a professional contractor give your furnace a tuneup. During these inspections, the contractor will check the furnace and make heating system repairs before the issues become more serious. Contractors will also clean the furnace to prevent an unexpected breakdown later in the season.

3. Maintain a ‘Safe Zone’ Around the Furnace

The combustion process can pose a serious fire threat if you’re not careful. As such, you should keep all flammable objects (like paint, old rags, or papers) a minimum of three feet away from the furnace. Clearing the area around the furnace will also improve air intake, ensuring better efficiency and reducing the risk of a breakdown.


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