Your furnace has worked hard to keep your home warm for years. However, it won’t last forever. A timely replacement can help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and save money on utility bills and repairs. Here are some signs that it’s time for a heating contractor to replace your furnace with an energy-efficient upgrade.

How to Tell if You Need a New Furnace

1. Energy Bill Spike

Compare this year’s energy bills to last year’s from around this time. While it’s normal for utility costs to increase in winter due to furnace operation, a noticeable spike often means the system is wearing out. If your home is well-sealed against the elements, features clean, leak-free ductwork, and has quality insulation, the furnace is likely to blame for your energy bill increase.

2. Heat Distribution Issues

heating contractorBe mindful of how warm your home gets when the furnace is on full blast. If you constantly have to crank your thermostat or notice that some rooms are colder than others, your furnace has stopped circulating heat throughout your residence. Insufficient heat distribution is a typical sign of system failure.

3. Frequent Repairs

Review your maintenance records or think about how often you have called your heating contractor to repair your furnace lately. If there have been numerous repairs over the past two years, you likely need a replacement. Also, compare repair and replacement expenses—if it costs more to repair the appliance than to replace it with an American Standard® furnace, pick the latter option.

4. Unusual Noises

Be mindful of furnace noises, such as rattling, clanking, screeching, and rumbling. While all heating systems make some noise, don’t ignore loud or strange sounds. They signal the need for major repairs if the system is relatively new, or a replacement for older units. If there are rattling noises from a crack in your heat exchanger, for example, it will leak carbon dioxide into your home.

5. Age

Consider the age of your furnace before making the repair or replacement decision. The appliance rarely lasts over 18 years, so if yours is over 15 and is experiencing a variety of issues, discuss energy-efficient upgrades with your heating contractor. 


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