If your heating and cooling system uses air ducts, you want to ensure they’re well-sealed. Prompt HVAC repair should be undertaken to address any leaks. Otherwise, you risk losing as much as 30% of the air moving through the ducts. Look out for the following signs of a problem.

How to Know if You Have an Air Duct Leak

1. A Spike in Utility Bills

If the heating or cooling costs are going up, an air duct leak may be to blame. When air is lost through ductwork, the HVAC system has to use more energy to maintain the desired temperature. Compare your monthly bill to that of the same period last year to track changes.

2. Unequal Climate Control 

A functional HVAC system should equitably distribute hot and cold throughout the house. When ducts leak in certain spots, however, the system loses its ability to deliver climate-controlled air equally to each room. Some rooms may not heat up or cool down as effectively as they once did.

3. Poor Air Quality

hvac repairAir that travels from ductwork into the walls of your home can increase humidity in areas like crawlspaces. This damp environment may result in mold growth. Mold spores will subsequently enter the home’s air, potentially triggering allergy or asthma symptoms.

4. Visible Damage

A visual examination of ductwork is a surefire way to identify leaks. Signs include holes in ducts, dents, and loose connections. An HVAC repair professional can run an inspection and fix leaks as needed.


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