The quality of the air in your home can affect your ability to breathe and cause seasonal allergies to worsen. Fortunately, employing a few indoor air quality solutions can help you improve the purity of the air in any living environment. This overview will help you understand what affects the air circulation in your home.

What Causes Poor Air Quality In the Home?

Chemical Substances

Radon, tobacco smoke, and burning fuel are all harmful chemical substances that can contaminate the air in your home. While radon is radioactive, all gases in the home increase the risks of developing various types of cancer, birth defects, and infections. 

Pet Dander

If you own pets, finding indoor air quality solutions is essential. Pet dander is comprised of unseen flecks of skin that your dog, cat, bird, or rodent shakes off through normal activity. While you may not see these flecks of skin, they can cause severe reactions in people with pet allergies.

Mold and Mildew

Areas in your home that are humid and damp are ideal breeding grounds for mildew and mold growth. Once mold begins to grow, mold spores will be dispersed into the air. Breathing in these spores can lead to respiratory problems, sinus infections, skin irritation, and other health problems.

What Are Some Indoor Air Quality Solutions? 

Change Air Filters

Indoor Air Quality SolutionsMake it a habit to change your HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis. It should be checked once a month and changed every two to three months to prevent buildup.

A dirty air filter will prevent your system from cleaning the air before it’s circulated into the home. Dust, allergens, and other contaminants that are on the filter may be recirculated. Consider buying a High-Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, which captures even the tiniest air pollutant particles.

Adjust Humidity Levels

Your system should have a way of adjusting the level of humidity in your home. If not, your HVAC contractor can install a humidity gauge to give you better control of your system. Humidity levels should be kept between 30% and 50% at all times. This prevents mold and mildew from growing in cold, damp spaces within your home. 

Duct and Vent Cleaning

Dust, debris, and pest droppings can gather in the registers, vents, and ducts throughout your home. As air is circulated through the ductwork, it will pick up these contaminants and carry them out into the home. Schedule professional duct cleaning every three to five years to ensure your ducts and vents are clean, causing the air in your home to be cleaner as well.


Another important indoor air quality solution is to have your contractor inspect your HVAC system at the start of the season. Located in Woodland Park, NJ, Prestige Air Heating & Cooling provides residential and commercial customers with a full range of HVAC care services. They can install, repair, and help you maintain any type of system and they’re an authorized dealer for American Standard® equipment. Visit their website or schedule a service call by contacting them at (973) 500-4040.