Ductless air conditioning units are well-known for their versatility and cost-effectiveness. However, some choices may be better for your home than others. If you're thinking about installing a new Mitsubishi system this summer, learn more about mini-split units to determine if they’re right for you.

How Does It Work?

A mini-split air conditioner, also known as a ductless air conditioning unit, allows you to cool individual rooms in the home. This is because they don't require ductwork and instead only consist of an indoor evaporator and outdoor compressor. Hot air from inside your home is sucked into the evaporator and cooled by its coils. Any remaining hot air is then transported through a conduit line into the compressor, which forces it outside.

What Are the Benefits?

Quick Installation

Air Conditioning UnitUnlike traditional HVAC systems, mini-split units are compact and don't require invasive ductwork. They also don't need to be placed near windows. To install the equipment, an HVAC technician only needs to mount the evaporator to the wall, drill a three-inch hole for the conduit, and connect it to the outdoor compressor.

Better Efficiency

Since mini-split units regulate temperatures in individual rooms, you can cool only the places in use. This lowers your carbon footprint and helps you save money on your energy bill.

Improved Air Quality

Traditional HVAC systems often need to be cleaned to get rid of dust and dirt particles that settle in the ductwork. If you aren't able to schedule regular cleanings, the air quality in your home may diminish. Ductless mini-split units have filters that quickly catch particles, and they're also affordable and easy to replace on your own.


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