If you find yourself longing for wings, warm soups, or hearty sandwiches during your next restaurant visit, then you’ve got a craving for comfort food. This phrase stretches back over several decades and describes filling dishes that remind you of childhood meals. The guide below discusses the history of this term.

Early Comfort Foods

As early as 1966, the term comfort food was used to describe meals that were rich, sweet or savory, and produced a sense of nostalgic happiness in those who enjoyed it. But while the phrase bounced around news columns and dietary advice pages throughout the ‘60s, it was actress Liza Minnelli who may have made it a household word. During an interview, she described comfort food as simply anything you truly enjoyed or found comforting.

restaurantClassic comfort food dishes included chunky beef stews and chilis, chicken soup, baked potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cream. For Americans in the 1960s and ‘70s, these foods were a reminder of warming afternoon meals in the comfort of their childhood homes and solace during tough days. Restaurants soon caught on, offering many of the foods sought by diners as a way to expand their menus with childhood favorites.

The Modern Era

Despite trendy diets that forbid consuming heavy carbs, people still consume such meals due to the positive feelings that are associated with them. For example, one study found that comfort foods hold strong positive associations in those who have healthy emotional connections with friends and family. In other words, it’s not the food itself, but the memories attached to it that makes it comforting.

Today, many people have different types of comfort food. From sandwiches like French dip and BLT to soups like Tuscan white bean, many people visit their favorite restaurant for a taste of their favorite dish that reminds them of home.


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