Crafted out of indigenous clay by professionally-trained potters, imported Polish stoneware is an attractive, unique, and practical choice for items like serving bowls, platters, and place settings. All pieces are handcrafted, organic, easy to clean, and toxin-free, making them safe and useful additions to your cabinet and decor. If you’re curious about this one-of-kind pottery, here’s a brief look at what it is and how it’s made.

What Is Polish Stoneware?

Created by artisans in Bolesławiec, Poland, this type of ceramic stoneware existed for centuries. Each and every piece is handcrafted, hand-painted, and made from a long-lasting, high-quality clay that helps keep food fresh. This type of stoneware is safe to use in the oven, microwave, and even dishwasher. Its hard glazed surface is easy to wipe and doesn’t absorb stains, making it suitable for everyday use.

stonewarePolish stoneware is typically white or cream-colored, featuring designs in shades like cobalt blue, forest green, bright yellow, and reddish brown. These distinctive ceramics also boast original patterns such as abstract florals, dots, and “peacock eyes,” one of Poland’s most popular designs.

How Is It Made?

Polish stoneware is handcrafted from a high-grade clay native to the country. It’s fired at temperatures around 2,282 °F, making it resistant to chips, scratches, and cracks. Designs and patterns are hand-painted or hand-stamped onto each piece of stoneware, which is then dipped in a clear glaze and fired for a second time. The glaze gives the piece an ultra-smooth finish, while the second firing enhances the color and vibrancy of the design.


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