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About HDR Healthcare Network


If you live in the Bronx, NY, and don’t have a family doctor or primary care physician, it’s understandable if you think your options for health care are limited. Thankfully, you’re wrong, as HDR Healthcare Network is home to numerous health care facilities throughout the city. When you’re in need of ambulatory care, you can count on any of their facilities to provide the care you need.


Whether you have a child that needs a sports physical for the new school year or your shortness of breath is giving you cause for concern, this network of urgent care centers and medical clinics offers a wide range of services for you and your family’s benefit. From pediatricians who care for your youngest child to cardiologists who want to ensure you aren’t at risk for heart disease, there are numerous qualified physicians who can give you the care your life needs.


When you’re looking for health education, prevention, or wellness services, these culturally sensitive clinicians will guide you toward your health-related goals. Throughout Upper Manhattan and the West Bronx, you can find an ambulatory care facility dedicated to your health, handling a variety of issues unrelated to more serious concerns like chest pain, numbness of the limbs, and loss of consciousness. In those cases, you should go to the ER or call 911 immediately.


Make your health a priority and choose HDR Healthcare Network as your network of ambulatory care facilities within the area. Call (718) 617-2500 or visit them online for additional information.


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