Weightlifting and strength training can help you bulk up, boost bone density, and even eliminate back pain. Since these exercises involve heavy weights, however, maintaining improper form could put you at risk of injuries and chronic pain. Before you hit the gym and begin pumping iron, here are some tips for keeping a safe form. 

Weightlifting Mistakes That Can Lead to Injury

1. Arching Your Back When Pushing

Whether it’s during shoulder presses, on the incline bench, or making high pulls, you should never arch your back. Doing so pulls your spine out of its natural position and strains sensitive muscles and joints, leaving you at a greater risk of injury. While you’re training, maintain a straight posture and squeeze your core muscles and glutes when pushing to support your back. If you’re doing standing presses, consider having a spotter to help you keep your form.

2. Squatting Halfway

strength trainingSquats are a common cause of back and knee injuries because many people don’t do them fully. When squatting, keep your back straight and sit on your haunches until your knees are parallel so that the weight transfers from your legs to your hips. This will protect you from knee injuries and sprains and translate into more significant muscle gains. 

3. Moving Your Head

Many people make the mistake of moving their head or looking around while strength training, which puts strain on the neck muscles and may lead to chronic pain. Keep your head facing forward while you lift, and ensure it remains in that stable position even when you’re doing exercises like behind-the-head presses.


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