Over and over, we’ve always been told by fitness experts that stretching is a must before a workout. However, there are fitness center clients who skip doing stretches before exercising either because they forget about it or they don’t realize just how important it is. Here are three of the main benefits of stretching before a workout or strenuous activity.

3 Stretching Benefits for the Body

Muscle Tension Reduction

Stress-induced muscle tension leading to episodes of pain in the back or limbs is one of the reasons why some people skip visits to the fitness center. Stretching helps muscles relax, reducing strain and tightness and allowing for a less painful workout session. Because stretching is effective at relaxing the muscles, some people even do it before bed to promote better sleep.

Increased Flexibility

fitness centerAging can naturally decrease muscle elasticity and the range of motion in the joints, making the libs less flexible over time. Stretching before a vigorous activity helps joints move through their maximized motion range, significantly reducing the chances of joint injury. At the same time, it also increases muscle elasticity, which reduces the risk of pulling or tearing tendons and ligaments during strenuous physical activity.

Better Circulation

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of doing stretches is that it increases blood flow and circulation, sending more oxygen, minerals, and proteins to your muscles. This process also removes waste byproducts in muscle tissue, making muscles more prepared for workout and allows for faster body recovery.


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