Whether you want to increase your muscle mass or focus on whole body wellness, strength training is an effective way to challenge your body in new ways. To be sure you’re making the most out of your gym workouts and maintaining a healthy and safe training regimen, check out some essential strength training do’s and don’ts below.


Make a plan.

Create actionable goals that you can achieve on a timeline that works with your schedule. You can even target specific muscle groups and determine how much work you’ll be doing each day. Setting milestone dates for when you want to achieve long or short term goals is an ideal way to hold yourself accountable and reach your objectives.

Warm up every time.

Ensuring you’re properly warmed up is just as important as the workout itself. Try performing small, incremental sets with lower reps as a way of preparing your body for a more intense workout.

Use proper form.

strength trainingLearn to do each exercise correctly and consult a personal trainer if you’re unsure. Proper form will prevent injuries and make your workouts more effective. If you find you can’t maintain good form while training, try decreasing the weight or the number of repetitions.


Rush your weight increases.

Trying to lift too much at the start of your training is an injury waiting to happen. When beginning to strength train, it’s best to take it slow and gradually increase the weight as you learn your limits. Strength training is more about repetition than the weight itself, so try to focus on your technique and take your time.

Repeat the same routine.

Doing the same exercises every day is a fast track to boredom. You need to challenge your muscles in different ways to maintain consistency and prevent plateauing. Try to switch up your training schedule, vary the amount of weight you use, or change the number of reps done with different muscle groups.

Overdo it.

Depending on your fitness goals, attempting to complete one set of exercises to the point of fatigue is usually enough. While additional sets may seem like a good idea, they could contribute to overload injury and waste time that could be spent on other muscle groups.


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