In many modern homes, the kitchen is the room with the most complicated utilities and fixtures. It holds major electrical appliances, as well as plumbing hookups. As a result, it’s a frequent problem area during home inspections because all these features are prone to wear and tear and incorrect installation. Here are a few common problems a certified home inspector may unearth during an evaluation.

How Can Kitchens Be Problematic in Home Inspections?

1. Electrical Problems

Large appliances, like refrigerators and electric stoves, need dedicated high-voltage outlets to operate. The microwave, garbage disposal, and any other kitchen appliance may also have their own outlets, and there will be additional receptacles around the room to plug in blenders, hand mixers, toasters, and other items. All of these outlets need to be correctly installed, and most should be ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) that can shut down properly if they short circuit. Your inspector will look for signs of wear and damage and ensure that any built-in appliances are working and correctly attached to the walls.

2. Plumbing and Water Damage

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Spills and leaky pipes can lead to rot and mold growth. While most kitchens boast tile or another waterproof flooring, some have hardwood that can be damaged by water. Wooden cabinetry and drywall walls are also susceptible to moisture exposure. Addressing mold issues usually requires tearing out and replacing the affected materials, and fixing any plumbing leaks found during the inspection can also be complicated.

3. Ventilation

A stove hood is designed to collect steam and smoke as you cook and vent it outside. However, some features aren’t hooked up correctly and lead to nowhere. This means they can’t effectively get rid of fumes, and you may have issues with the smoke detector going off frequently or the kitchen filling with smoke as you cook. A home inspector will check to make sure the hood and any other vents actually lead to ventilation ducts and work properly.


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