Low water pressure is a fairly common problem, but it can indicate serious mechanical issues for those with private wells. However, it can also be caused by pretty minor issues that are relatively easy for a trained water well services professional to repair. The following are a few common reasons your water pressure might be low.

Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

1. Well Pump Issues

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Low flow coming from the pump itself will cause reduced pressure throughout the house. If your pump is older, vital components may be wearing out, or the check valve might be stuck. Corroded or leaking pipes can also let water escape the system, lowering the volume going into your pressure tank.

A valve or pipe may need to be cleaned or replaced in some cases. However, if the water well pump is more than 10 or 15 years old, you may need a water well services provider to install a new one.

2. Dirty Sediment Filter

Most private water systems have a filter to remove sand, dirt, and other debris from the water before it’s sent into your plumbing system. If the sediment filter is clogged, the pump may not be able to force enough water into the pressure tank.

While the best cleaning schedule for a filter depends on your water quality, most should be serviced every six months. You’ll usually find the sediment filter near where the line enters your house but before the water softener.

3. Malfunctioning Pressure Switch

The pressure switch monitors pressure levels inside your tank and sends a signal to activate the pump when it gets too low. These switches are typically spring-activated, so they wear out over time.

If the switch is old and corroded, your water well service provider may need to install a replacement. However, it may just need an adjustment to keep enough pressure inside the tank.


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