Your car’s transmission is one of its most important features. It transfers power from the engine to the wheels, effectively making the vehicle go. Due to the complexity of this component, several aspects can go wrong with it. Here are some possible causes to help you determine if you’ll need roadside assistance.

5 Types of Transmission Issues 

1. Grinding or Shaking

In an automatic vehicle, you shouldn’t notice when your car shifts gears. Even in a manual car, the shift should be smooth. If your vehicle is suddenly grinding or shaking during gear shifts it suggests there’s friction between two surfaces that shouldn’t be taking place. It’s best to pull over since the gears or bearings could be damaged since continuing to drive could put pressure on the transmission.

2. Slipping Gears

When the gear-changing process is interrupted, your vehicle may lack power or your engine could rev too high. In some cases, the issue could be with the car’s computer, which tells the gears when to shift. In other instances, the issue could be a worn clutch, engine issues, or low fluid levels. Driving with slipping gears isn’t recommended since the car becomes less reliable to drive, especially on highways.

3. Burning Odor

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Transmission fluid keeps the complex system well-lubricated, preventing metal-on-metal friction. As components break down over time, debris can build up in the fluid, causing a burning odor when it rubs against metal. It’s also possible that the transmission fluid is low due to a leak. In either case, calling for roadside assistance is best, as driving with insufficient fluid could lead to a transmission breakdown.

4. Noises 

Transmission noises can include whining and humming, which may indicate a breakdown of transmission fluid. On the other hand, clunking noises could indicate a worn internal component. If you’ve verified that your fluid levels aren’t low, have a transmission specialist assess the vehicle right away since it could be a sign that something’s loose.

5. Lack of Response

If the vehicle hesitates when you switch gears, the issue could be due to solenoid issues or trouble with the clutch or converter preventing the transmission from engaging immediately. While you may not need immediate roadside assistance unless the transmission fails to respond completely, it should still be checked out by a mechanic since it will eventually cause the car to break down over time.


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