Roof leaks can be troubling to homeowners. They can allow water to drip into your attic, onto your ceiling, and down your walls, contributing to issues like mold growth and poor air quality. Fortunately, by detecting leaks as soon as they occur, you can seek timely roof repairs and prevent larger issues. Here are three signs you may have a leaky roof. 

3 Signs Your Roofing Isn’t Watertight

1. Visible Shingle Damage

When it comes to leaks, shingles are typically the first places to exhibit signs of damage. Shingles that have been overly exposed to water can appear buckled, curled, or even cracked, making it easier for additional water to penetrate the area. To spot this problem, inspect your roofing from the ground by using a pair of binoculars. 

2. Stained Ceilings 

roof repairOnce water has penetrated your roofing materials, the moisture can start to enter your home and affect the ceilings. Over time, water can penetrate the drywall fixed on the underside of your roof trusses, contributing to staining. To combat this, evaluate your ceilings for signs of discoloration. If you are new to the home, check recently painted areas to see if they feel spongy or damaged. 

3. Exterior Moss Growth

Roofs that aren’t watertight tend to become spongy and damp over time, which is why you may notice issues with plant or moss growth on the exterior of your home. A green, furry coating on your roof may be a sign that water isn’t beading off the surface like it should be. Along with having the moss removed, turn to professionals for potential roof repairs or a full replacement. 


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