Inclement weather can do a number on your roofing, and you don’t want to be stuck footing the bill after a severe storm. Homeowners insurance providers often cover damage, but only if you file your roofing insurance claims properly. Below is a general overview of the claims process, so you can ensure the best results. 

How to File Roofing Insurance Claims

1. Document Damage

First, you’ll want proof of the storm damage, so don’t wait to capture it. Immediately after a storm, go outside and take photos of the roofing from the street. Show areas where shingles are missing, damage to gutters or flashing, and anything else that will need repairs. If you have a balcony or a safe area where you can take close-ups, utilize it. Avoid climbing on the roof, however, as it may be unstable.

2. Find a Roof Repair Company

roofing-insurance-claims-recovery-roofingOnce you’ve documented the damage, reach out to a roofing contractor. They’ll inspect the area thoroughly and provide an estimate for repairs. Many specialize in roofing insurance claims and can provide all the documentation your homeowners insurance provider needs.

3. Speak With an Agent

Once you have proof of damage and estimates on hand, file a claim with an insurance agent. It’s best to speak with an agent directly rather than submitting everything and waiting for a callback. You can streamline the process and better explain the nature of the damage. Have an open line of communication with the roofing contractor in case you need further documentation. If the insurance company sends an adjuster to assess the damage, the roofing company can also discuss the repairs with them in person.


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