Being a homeowner means doing all the necessary tasks to keep the house in order; however, the summer comes with unique challenges, particularly for residential roofing. Between the high heat and erratic weather, roofs are more prone to being damaged, which can result in expensive roof repairs. These can be avoided by following the below tips from roofing contractors.

5 Summer Residential Roofing Problems

1. Moss Growth

While not an uncommon occurrence, excessive moss growth can threaten any roof installation, and this issue is more likely to appear in the summer months. Moss traps moisture in the roof’s shingles, which can lead to leaks and wood rot. 

2. Poor Ventilation

Improper ventilation is a problem year-round, but it’s exaggerated during the summer for residential roofing. Without proper ventilation, heat and moisture become trapped in the attic. Not only does this cause structural damage, but it also makes mold growth much more likely.

3. UV Rays

Residential RoofingRoofers recommend the use of special sealants that protect the roof from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without the protection, the sun dries out the shingles, causing cracking and knocking them loose. Damaged shingles lead to a variety of other problems such as rotting wood and leaks.

4. Bad Weather

Another factor that causes problems for residential roofing is the erratic storms that accompany the summer. Heavy rain and high winds can damage shingles and lead to leaks, but they can also jar loose or weakened limbs. Make sure any trees near the home are properly trimmed to avoid costly damages.

5. Infestations

Finally, schedule an inspection to check for any animals that may have set up residence around the roof. Rats, raccoons, termites, and bees are common summer pests that can cause problematic damages if the infestation is not handled.


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