You’re probably prepared to deal with fallen branches as part of your roof care, but what many homeowners don’t anticipate is animal damage. However, whether they’re looking for a food source or trying to gain access to your attic, critters can threaten your roof’s integrity in a number of ways. The guide below explains just a few roof repairs you might need due to the following common animals.

How Animals Can Create the Need for Roof Repair

1. Raccoons

As temperatures drop this fall, raccoons will be looking for a warm, dark place to escape the cold. Unfortunately, your attic is a prime spot for them. They’re capable of ripping through shingles, underlayment, and plywood to try and get inside the attic. Once they’re in, they can also cause damage to insulation and potentially enter the main area of your home. If you notice a hole in the roof large enough to admit a raccoon, contact pest control and roof repair experts right away.

2. Birds

roof repairsBird poop is acidic and can cause the shingles on your roof to degrade. This is often a problem if a tree overhangs your roof, as birds may seek it as a roosting spot. Woodpeckers may take to your roof or fascia, searching for bugs and leaving holes that can cause leaks in the attic. Other birds may take an interest in nesting near vents or chimneys, which can reduce home ventilation or create a fire risk.

3. Rats

You may associate rats with problems in your basement or main living spaces, but they’re strong climbers that can also cause attic and roof problems. Like raccoons, they may chew through shingles while trying to get inside. They’re also drawn to wires and may create the risk of electrical fire if they chew through the sheathing.


If any animals or adverse weather conditions have damaged your roof, turn to the roof repair experts at Recovery Roofing in Thornton, CO. They have over four decades of experience installing new roofs, repairing homes after storm damage, and helping homeowners work through insurance claims after a disaster. Learn more about their offerings online and call (720) 280-3900 to schedule your free roof inspection.