As the days get warmer, there are more opportunities to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. One way to get some sun while getting some tasty food is to take advantage of outdoor seating at your favorite restaurant. In addition to spending more time outdoors, there are several excellent benefits to patio dining.

Reasons to Eat Outdoors

1. Mood-Boosting

The average American spends almost 90% of their time indoors. However, being outdoors is an important element of relieving stress and boosting your mood. In addition to the benefits of natural light, studies have shown that being in spaces with plants can help with self-esteem and overall mood.

2. Relaxing


Eating outdoors is an invitation to relax. The hustle and bustle of enclosed spaces give way to the sky, fresh air, and more natural sounds. Research has proven that being in nature can help people feel less anxious and have improved concentration.

3. Patios Can Be Pet-Friendly

While you should always ask the restaurant their policies, eating on a patio means you are more likely to be able to have your dog enjoy the dining experience with you. Outdoor dining is the perfect post-walk treat. 416 Diner's patio is pet friendly for sure.

4. Health Benefits

Being outdoors ups your intake of vitamin D. Studies have shown that many Americans are deficient in this essential nutrient. In addition to being essential for several body functions, vitamin D also is known to boost moods, making you feel more energized.

Additionally, being in the sun and fresh air can help to boost white blood cell production and lower cortisol levels. This helps maintain your overall immune system and helps to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


For your next meal, head to the outdoor seating at 416 Diner. With a focus on high-quality food and impeccable service, this restaurant in Dayton, OH, serves breakfast, lunch, and late-night cuisine. Check out their menu online or call (937) 461-0416 with any questions about their food.