Commercial roofing systems are available in a variety of materials and forms. Your choice depends largely on your building’s structure and specific needs, so understanding the differences between each option will help you decide which suits your needs best. If it’s time to upgrade your business property’s roof, here are three varieties to keep in mind.

What Types of Commercial Roofing Systems Exist?

1. Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Built-up roofing is a structure made with multiple layers of gravel and asphalt. The piles it contains will protect the surface from the strains of heavy foot traffic, inclement weather, and general stress. This commercial roofing system is also resistant to issues like thermal shock and punctures, both of which harm the structure’s integrity over time.

2. Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO)

commercial roofing

A TPO membrane features a single-ply composition. Due to its various benefits, it is among the most common options available in the commercial roofing industry. 

This option can resist punctures, tears, and common pollutants like mold and dirt. It can even withstand ultraviolet (UV) rays, which helps keep energy costs down while ensuring the building stays comfortable.

3. Etylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM)

EPDM is a single-ply alternative to a TPO roofing system. It’s made with high-quality rubber and requires little maintenance to retain its condition. Like TPO, this material is equally resistant to potent UV rays, allowing you to conserve as much energy as possible. It is also relatively quick and easy to install, saving you time if you aim to have the project completed quickly.


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