Going to a local pub for a cold beer and a satisfying dinner is one of the best ways to relax after a long day. You can make entrées even more delicious by pairing them with draft beers that enhance their flavors. The following guide highlights a handful of tasty food and beer combinations.

How to Pair Beers With Meals

1. Guinness & Burgers

Guinness is an Irish stout made from roasted barley, hops, and a signature strain of ale yeast. Known for its dark color and creamy head, this beer has a surprisingly light and smooth finish. It features subtle notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel that pair well with hearty and savory meats. Guinness can bring out the bold, beefy flavors of hamburgers and provide a refreshing palate cleanse. 

2. Bass & Steak

draft beer

Bass is a pale ale brewed with fragrant hops, English malts, and mineral water. Its chestnut color matches its nutty flavor profile, which also includes notes of dried fruit and caramel. Its slightly sweet taste and toasted aroma can offer a delicious flavor contrast when enjoyed with grilled or seared steaks and topped with creamy butter. 

3. Smithwick's & Fish & Chips

Smithwick's is an Irish red ale that includes sweet malts, roasted barley, and mild hops. It has a ruby red color along with caramel notes. This beer's sweetness can balance salty meals, such as fish and chips. Some restaurants and pubs even add Smithwick's to the batter, resulting in a delectable combination of flavors.

4. Boddingtons & Shepherd's Pie

Boddingtons is an English pale ale notable for its smooth finish and creamy texture. The use of hard water in the brewing process gives the hops a distinctively bitter flavor that contrasts with heavy meats and hard-aged cheeses. Pairing it with the meat and vegetables in shepherd's pie can give you a deliciously authentic taste of England. 


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