When you imagine a gated community, you might think of the exclusive enclaves where celebrities and the wealthy live, far removed from “average”  people. However, a growing number of families are opting to move into gated communities for the increased security, privacy, and safety they offer. If you’re looking for a new home, here are a few benefits to moving to a neighborhood with controlled access.

5 Benefits of a Gated Community 

1. Heightened Security

When anyone that wants to enter the community has to stop and use an access code or call a resident to let them in, the risk of crime goes down significantly. That’s not to say there’s no chance of a burglary or other crimes, but most criminals are going to choose easier targets than a well-protected community. 

2. Increased Safety

In many neighborhoods, vehicles travel faster than they should because drivers turn off main roads and don't slow down. In a gated community, cars have to stop before entering, which serves as a reminder to slow down and be aware of pedestrians and pets. Also, there’s less traffic in a gated community, as the majority of vehicles are residents coming and going from their homes, not through traffic.

3. Greater Sense of Community 

Gated communities often offer an gated communityarray of amenities, including a clubhouse, pool, playground, jogging trails, and more, giving residents many opportunities to get to know each other and build a stronger community. And because the only people around are those who live there and their guests, you will get to know your neighbors and build lasting relationships.

4. Fewer Solicitations 

Most gated communities strictly limit or prohibit solicitations, meaning that you won't answer the door to find door-to-door salespeople, political canvassers, or survey takers on the other side. The only people who will be trying to sell you anything are likely neighborhood kids doing fundraisers.

5. Increased Property Values 

Generally speaking, homes in gated communities tend to have higher property values due to the increased security, amenities, and homeowners association rules regarding the appearance and upkeep of houses. And because space is limited in these communities, they often carry a level of exclusivity that drives up their value. 


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