When looking at a foosball table, it will appear as if the goals and rules are the same as soccer on a life-sized field. However, the tabletop version offers a different approach to this internationally loved pastime. Here are four differences between the two to help you become an expert at both.

Soccer & Foosball Rules Differ in These 4 Ways

1. Number of Players

In a traditional game of soccer, there are 11 players – ten outfielders and one goalie. When playing at a foosball table, one individual controls 13 players positioned on four rods – 12 outfielders and one goalie. Or, if you’re playing doubles foosball, there are two people at the controls – one in charge of six outfield players and the other running point with six outfielders and a goalie. 

2. Rules 

Many people follow a no-foosball tables Tri-State Area OHspinning rule in foosball. This rule means you can’t spin a control rod quickly to send the players circling the rod, and potentially gaining an edge on your opponent without using much skill. Similarly, in soccer, no one is allowed to touch the ball with their hands unless they are in the goalie position and trying to block a goal or toss the ball back into play. 

3. Out of Play Balls

During a heated game, you may accidentally send a ball flying off the foosball table and out of play. When this happens, it’s common practice to give the ball to the opponent who will choose where on the table to drop the ball to start play again. In soccer, out of play balls are given to the other team who throws the ball onto the field so the game will continue.

4. Officials

High-level soccer matches must have one referee and two assistant referees who are stationed at the out-of-bounds lines near the goals to ensure they will see when the ball goes into the goal or out of bounds. For foosball, however, the players are in charge of ruling their own game. That means fairly announcing to take the ball out of play when it goes into the goal or off-side, before being dropped back onto the field. It is up to the players to interpret the rules together without the help of an official.


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