Moving to a new home or apartment is exciting, but it does involve its own set of potential stressors. Between preparing for the move, cleaning your current space, and staying on top of daily tasks with work and family, your time can be very limited. Moving into a new home during a pandemic may also present an extra layer of concern for cleanliness. This guide explains why hiring a professional cleaning service prior to moving in will bring you invaluable peace of mind. 

A Guide to Move-In Cleaning

Doesn't the seller clean?

Prior to moving out of an apartment or home, the previous owner is responsible for cleaning the space with the motivation of getting their full deposit back or appealing to potential future buyers. However, moves can be messy, and more tucked-away corners can still harbor dust and germs. Also, what is "clean" to the naked eye does not always mean "free of germs." If work was done on the space or people were living in the home recently before the new owners' move-in date, there could still be debris or dust on floors and surfaces.  

What needs to be cleaned when you're moving in? 

cleaning service

Along with cleaning all floors and surfaces, your new handles, doorknobs, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and showers need to be cleaned and sanitized. Light fixtures and baseboards should be dusted and free of debris. All closets, shelves, and storage spaces should be vacuumed and wiped down. This level of deep cleaning is time-consuming, physically draining, and not in everyone's wheelhouse, which is why delegating to a professional cleaning service is worth the investment. 

When should you schedule?

It's much more convenient to schedule a deep cleaning prior to moving in. There is usually a period of time between signing the closing documents and the arrival of the moving trucks. If that is unrealistic, having cleaners come in the morning, before the movers arrive, could be another option. If you need to move in prior to your scheduled cleaning appointment, it should still be beneficial, especially if there was additional dirt and debris kicked up on move-in day. 


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