As temperatures begin to rise, your HVAC system must work properly to keep your office or facility comfortable. How do you know if you need an HVAC contractor to service your commercial system? Here are five warning signs your system may need repairs.  

When Do You Need an HVAC Contractor?

1. Fluctuating Temperatures

If you begin to notice inconsistent temperatures, then call your HVAC contractor. The trouble can be anything from a dirty, clogged filter to an old system with faulty parts. Sometimes your system is no longer the right size and power to cool your living space. Whatever the trouble, an expert can help you find an affordable, efficient solution.

2. Increasing Condensation

Air conditioners control humidity levels, but if you notice condensation on windows in the workplace or the office begins to feel sticky and uncomfortable, the unit is no longer able to pull moisture out of the air. Failing components or an older system will need a diagnosis from an HVAC contractor. The moisture can lead to mold and mildew, which degrades your air quality and could cause health issues.

3. Rising Bills

HVAC-contractor-ColumbiaWhen electricity bills climb higher and higher each season, your system is no longer energy efficient. You may need to upgrade your current unit to one with new technology and a better ENERGY STAR® rating. This means it requires less energy to maintain ideal temperatures, which makes it better for the environment as well as your wallet.

4. Strange Sounds & Smells

While you may hear a gentle noise as your system kicks on, loud clanking, rattling, and hissing sounds point to an issue of loose or broken parts. Bearings in the motor, fan belts, and even debris can cause trouble. You may also notice bad smells when the system is running, which can be as minor as dust burning off or as major as mold or burning wires.

5. Aging Equipment

Replace units more than ten years old to promote efficiency and also ensure you aren’t overspending on utility and repair costs. Some maintained units may last longer, but if you are noticing other problems and you haven’t kept up with care, a new one is your best choice.


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