Most people rely on their air conditioning regularly during the summer. While it likely works fine most of the time, there may be an instance where you press the button but it won’t turn on. If your unit isn’t working, troubleshoot it by going through these potential causes to find the air conditioning repair you need. 

3 Common Causes of a Faulty Air Conditioner.

1. Blown Breakers or Fuses

These are both the result of electrical overloads in most cases. You’ll want an air conditioning repair specialist to check a blown breaker to see what caused it—whether it was the motor, wiring, or another part. A blown fuse powers the motor the same way a car battery powers your car’s motor – if one blows, you’ll need a replacement.

2. Spent Capacitors 

air conditioning repairCapacitors are used to supply energy to your unit. There are two—one for starting it and one for keeping it going.

Unfortunately, every capacitor has a limited lifespan. If the unit isn’t turning on or isn’t staying on, one or both may need to be replaced. Make sure to hire a professional for the job, as they know how to safely replace the component without sustaining injuries from accidental shocks. 

3. Frozen Coils

Coils can freeze up from a lack of heat when the unit isn’t in use. This issue is typically common when the unit is started for the first time in months.

Refrigerant carries the heat from your home to the coils, but requires steady airflow in the unit to work. If you aren’t changing your filters based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll likely need air conditioning repairs soon.


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