Deciding between a gas or electric unit is the first decision you’ll make before scheduling furnace installation. Each of these popular units has its benefits. Understanding how each one works and how to maintain it will ensure you choose the right option for your home. Below is a helpful guide to use while you connect with an HVAC contractor.


furnace installationElectric furnaces use a coil system to heat incoming air. Electricity heats the coils, and a blower pushes air over a heat exchanger and into your ductwork. These units are between 95%-100% efficient and connect directly to your existing home wiring.

Many homeowners choose these systems so they don’t have to run natural gas lines onto their property. Newer models can even integrate with solar power to reduce electricity bills.

Electric furnaces do take a bit longer to heat a home when temperatures continue to drop. The electrical components also require a skilled eye, so you’ll have to schedule yearly inspections after the furnace installation. Otherwise, these units can last upwards of 20 years, making them an excellent long-term investment.


Gas furnaces require natural gas or propane. These ignite the flames in the heat exchange. Air is heated as it passes and blown into your home. Gas units work quickly in low and freezing temperatures. They’re also affordable when natural gas prices in your area are low.

Breakdowns are a lot less complex since there are no electrical components. However, inspections are still crucial. These use open flames, and gas leaks create fire risks. Schedule yearly inspections and install carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that your home's air is safe to breathe. You should also schedule professional furnace installation services so you’re confident the gas connection is secure. 

Both gas and electric units require duct cleaning every 3-5 years. Professionals remove debris that limits airflow and that may taint the air in your home.


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