Most furnaces make some noise, especially when they first start for the season. However, if you notice a sound you don’t usually hear, then there may be a problem with the system. From banging to rattling, it’s wise to arrange furnace repair as soon as possible before the noise gets any worse. The following unusual noises indicate you should call an HVAC contractor. 

Why Is Your Furnace Making a Strange Noise?

1. Screeching 

There are multiple reasons screeching or squealing sounds come from a furnace, including a loose screw or wear and tear of the blower motor. A frayed belt may also cause this noise. Screeching doesn’t usually signal a serious problem, but have your furnace inspected by a professional to check if parts need to be replaced.

2. Rattling 

furnace repairA rattling noise may be caused by loose parts, such as bolts or panels. In this case, you’ll notice the sound after the appliance has been on for a few minutes.

Rattling can also indicate that the heat exchanger may be cracked. This could lead to a carbon monoxide leak, which is detrimental to everyone’s health. Install a carbon monoxide detector near the appliance for security and alert a furnace repair professional immediately if you suspect the heat exchanger is compromised.

3. Booming 

A gas buildup, known as delayed ignition, often leads to booming or banging sounds. Dirty burners, low gas supply pressure, or too much air in the system may mean that gas doesn’t ignite immediately. When it does, there will be a small explosion because too much gas has built up, and this could damage the unit.

4. Whistling 

A whistling sound suggests there is a problem with airflow. The air filter may be clogged and will need to be cleaned or replaced. For general maintenance, change the filter at least every three months to reduce dander and dust buildup. Debris in ductwork sometimes leads to whistling, so your ducts will have to be cleaned. 


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