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Central Iowa Eyecare

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1202 2nd Ave N, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

About Central Iowa Eyecare

If you’re in need of corrective lenses, whether it’s to operate a motor vehicle, read a book, or help your vision overall, choosing the right optometrist is important. At Central Iowa Eyecare, located in Fort Dodge, you’ll be under the care of trained eye doctors who take their time in diagnosing any underlying problems and work diligently to give you the best vision care possible.


From contact lenses and glasses to eye exams and eye surgery, this eye care facility has an expansive list of services and skilled optometrists to provide the most comprehensive form of eye care. In business since 1954, services they offer include computer vision treatment, sports vision care, prescription sunglasses, and vision therapy.


The top eye care provider in the region awaits your visit. Contact Central Iowa Eyecare at (515) 576-1261 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.


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(11 reviews)