Despite all the months that have passed since the first lockdown, COVID-19 cases are still fluctuating throughout the world, and they’re on the rise in Hawaii. With the new variants and relaxed restrictions, it’s important to continue using caution when going about your day—even during simple tasks like ordering takeout. Here’s a closer look at why ordering curbside pickup is the smart choice and how you can be even smarter about doing it.

Why Takeout Is Beneficial

The standard restaurant experience doesn’t pair well with airborne viruses. You’re more likely to contract COVID-19 in highly trafficked settings while sitting close to other people who have taken their masks off to eat, drink, and engage in conversation. When you pick up food and take it home to enjoy, you can avoid being in close contact with other diners. Plus, you can avoid the stress of cooking while continuing to support local eateries that experienced financial difficulty during the lockdown. 

Picking up food also eliminates the need for a delivery driver, another individual coming into contact with your dinner and potentially opening the packaging to check the contents. In some cases, you’ll also get the food faster since you don’t have to make other deliveries on the way home. That way, it’s warmer and fresher when you sit down to enjoy it.

How to Order Curbside Pickup Safely

curbside pickup

To stay safe and avoid the COVID-19 virus, limit touch points. When ordering takeout, pay ahead of time. Whether you place a curbside pickup order on the phone and give your card number or order online and pay digitally, you can avoid the physical exchange that comes from paying in person. 

When picking up your food, wear a face mask so it covers your nose and mouth. Sanitize your hands before and after receiving the food. If the cashier is standing behind a plastic screen, speak to them directly from the other side so the screen blocks any respiratory droplets that may escape your masks. 

At home, remove the packed food from the bag and open the individual packaging before washing your hands to eliminate any germs picked up in the process. Luckily, research has shown that transmission of the virus from food packaging is extremely low, so this is just an added precaution.


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