With a busy schedule, it’s easy to rush housecleaning tasks or keep postponing them to a later date, and the kitchen can get uncomfortably messy over time. Professional kitchen cleaning services assist with these tough-to-clean areas and ensure your space will promote a healthy environment for your home. Here's a closer look at the areas professionals most often need to deep-clean.

What Are the Messiest Areas of a Kitchen?

1. Surfaces

It's important to target certain parts of the kitchen first to minimize debris during the subsequent steps. Professionals often wipe fixtures, walls, and cabinet tops first since dust will fly onto the floor and counters. 

A feather duster will efficiently remove dust from most surfaces, and handheld vacuums can be used for hard-to-reach places that might have cobwebs. Light fixtures can be removed and cleaned, and decor like photos and paintings will receive a damp cloth on the frame and glass. An all-purpose cleaner helps the environment remain sanitized. 

2. Refrigerator & Freezer 

Refrigerator coils frequently experience dust buildup, but they're one of the most overlooked areas of the kitchen. Unfortunately, this accumulation can result in the appliance's refrigerant not being able to adequately release heat. Housecleaning professionals will vacuum these to remove dust and help the refrigerator operate efficiently. 

They'll also wash the shelves and drawers inside your fridge to fight off odors that can accumulate from old food stains and crumbs. The entire inside of the unit, including the freezer, will be wiped with a gentle cleanser and soft cloth. Some professionals may leave a box of baking soda inside to help absorb odors. 

3. Stove

kitchen cleaning

When you use the stove frequently, spills quickly turn into stubborn stains. Cleaners remove knobs, spill catchers, and other features from the appliance to have better access to areas that need a deeper cleaning. A dry cloth will remove crumbs before the surface is wiped with a sponge and gentle cleaner to eliminate grease spots. 

4. Dishwasher

The most unpleasant areas of a dishwasher tend to be the food trap and drain at the bottom. Professionals tackle these parts with vinegar and water to clean them. Next, a cycle is run with baking soda or vinegar to remove bacteria and help the machine clean dishes more efficiently.


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