When remodeling or purchasing a new home, many people spend a lot of time choosing flooring and paint colors but forget all about the ceiling options. Thankfully, the days of popcorn ceilings are behind us, and there are several different attractive ceiling textures to choose from. When considering contractors to do the job, be sure they have experience with ceiling texturing.

5 Types of Ceiling Textures for Your Home

1. Skip Trowel

This is a common type of ceiling texture done by hand using a trowel. When you drag the trowel dipped in the joint compound across the ceiling, it skips along. The result is it will cover most of the areas, but not all, creating a raised pattern. Unless you have plastering experience, it's recommended you use professional handyman services to get the desired result. After it's dry, then it's primed and painted.

2. Knockdown Spray

With this technique, the ceiling compound is applied to the ceiling with a spray gun and hopper. After it is semi-dry (no longer tacky), it is "knocked down." Knocking it down means flattening it with a special squeegee-like tool. It's a messy, two-step process, but the results look great and easily hide imperfections. Like skip troweling, you need to prime and paint the ceiling after it's dry. Most handyman services will be familiar with the knockdown process as it's very commonly used these days.

3. Orange Peel Texture

handyman serviceThis less-common texture looks like the inside of an orange peel. A ceiling spray texture is sprayed with a hopper and gun, and then it is not knocked down or flattened. Because the result is so bumpy, it's easier to blend when you need to patch it or are doing a remodel later.

4. Swirl Pattern

For a beautiful, extraordinary ceiling, consider a swirl pattern. The swirl pattern is created by using a brush (for a rougher look) or a sponge (for a smoother look) and rubbing the coating onto the ceiling in swirls. Definitely hire someone to do this for you, unless you are very artistic yourself.

5. Sponge Painting

Sponge painting is very time-consuming and tedious work, yet the results are amazing. Instead of an all-white or beige ceiling, consider blues and greens to create a relaxing atmosphere and a unique look.


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