Your business’s commercial HVAC system keeps you and your team comfortable during the hottest and coldest days of the year. It also contributes to customer comfort, if applicable, to avoid reputational damage and lowered revenue. If it’s time to purchase a new commercial furnace and air conditioning system, review these considerations first.

5 Considerations Before Buying an Air Conditioning & Furnace System

1. Size

Calculate your building’s heating and cooling capacity requirements by dividing the square footage by 500 and multiplying that number by 12,000 for the BTUs, or British Thermal Units necessary to maintain a comfortable space. An HVAC system that’s too small does not have the capacity to sufficiently heat or cool a building, while an oversized system heats and cools too quickly, resulting in frequent cycling and higher energy bills.

2. Energy Efficiency

furnaceCompare the efficiency of each potential system not only to keep your heating and cooling costs reasonable but to also reduce your environmental impact. Many consumers and affiliates prefer to work with “green” businesses who care about lowering their carbon footprint. Look for the ENERGY STAR seal of approval on systems to make the decision easier.

3. Cost

Consider your commercial furnace and air conditioning system an investment, which can mean paying more upfront due to perks such as energy-efficient parts and accessories. Lower-quality systems typically do not offer the energy efficiency you need to keep your heating and cooling costs down and may malfunction frequently or wear out quickly.

4. Location

Determine your system’s installation location by considering space availability, whether you need indoor and outdoor units, and if centralized ductwork is present. A central unit on the roof of your commercial building that links to ductwork, for example, can provide the inconspicuous location you want as well as easy access for HVAC contractors.

If you don’t have centralized ductwork, and your building is smaller, you must consider the new ductwork’s location or opt for a ductless system requiring one or several outdoor units.

5. Add-Ons

Think about any accessories your furnace and air conditioning system will benefit from. If you’re choosing a system for a factory that creates significant dust, for example, you may want to add air purification components to improve indoor air quality. Other add-ons, such as programmable thermostats, reduce monthly utility costs by heating and cooling commercial spaces as needed. 


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